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From Diagnosis to Resilience

IACT and IMDHA are both reputable, international organizations with standards of practice.

It’s been several years since I’ve written a blog to this post and I think that because this is a fresh version of my web page, I should write a fresh update.

First of all, most of you who know me know that I was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2015. I want to say that hearing those words from a doctor is a startling experience to say the least.  So I had to take some time off (like the whole year) and deal with several surgeries and other things to get rid of the tumor that was growing inside of me.

I found that I had to use a lot of processes throughout this situation–processes that I knew from being a hypnotist and personal growth coach. Once I felt enough energy to thrive on my own, I began to see the need for me to use my pain to help others. I mean, that’s what we do- right? So I set out to bring the skill-set that I have from being —now a medical hypnotist, NLP master practitioner, personal growth coach and educator to create a program¬† for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Creating this program has been a beneficial outlet for my own healing and I know that if you are diagnosed that it will help you too.