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The #1 Mistake that People Make when Diagnosed with Serious Illness

When a person hears the solemn words from a doctor that will change their life forever, something happens in their brain that initiates the flight, fight or freeze instinct. This is common to all humans as this is nature’s way of protecting the species. Unfortunately, it causes all sorts of problems for people in the modern world who now have to deal with a chronic illness on which decisions need to be made.  So it is not surprising that people make the biggest mistake — they isolate.  I know, it is very difficult to allow this news to wind its way home and to have to contemplate all of the intricate decisions that are needing to be made. It’s natural to keep the news private for a while as you digest this new situation, but its important to be careful not to isolate yourself to everyone who cares about you and anyone who could possibly help you. Consider reaching out.

My Introduction to Hypnosis

Hypnosis was always an interest of mine but became a profound element of my life when my second child was born within an hour of arriving to the hospital and with really very little actual pain.
Had I known then what I know now, I could have done it virtually pain free. I would have tweaked the cassette a little bit and been slightly less intimidated by the process. Heck, had I known then, I would have dropped my first one after a few hours of productive labor as well. True to form though, I was scared and tense the entire time (to say the least) and I felt every twinge and contraction as I battled the progress of the labor. My son was born 3 years before my daughter, with a drawn out, painful birthing experience that went on for 22 hours and ended in Caesarean section that took weeks of recovery.
I am not here to tell you that you can have your baby pain free, but I can tell you that you can limit the stress that you feel and approach the inevitable birthing process with at the very least the confidence to make it a tremendously positive memory.
With my clients, I find out about what their strengths and interests are and I use these to help write a script to use throughout the last trimester. By hearing your own voice as you lull yourself to sleep, your brain absorbs the information in a nonthreatening, productive way and begins to make a shift at the most primal level.