"I highly recommend Lisa Mangoni as a hypnotherapist. I have worked with several hypnotists over the years and Lisa is one of the most talented I have worked with.

She has a unique style that is very relaxing and therapeutic. I found myself going into a deep hypnotic state in just minutes. I am not an easy hypnosis subject. I usually have trouble entering a deep hypnotic state, a state I love to experience, but have had trouble achieving with most hypnotists.

Most importantly, Lisa was able to help me with my issue and I am still experiencing the beneficial effects of working with Lisa."

Kim D
July 2015

"Immediately upon meeting Lisa it was obvious that she has a gift for helping people relax and verbalize their feelings. During our sessions she demonstrated the ability to pinpoint the things that were holding me back.

She then gave me several great techniques that we practiced together for me to develop in order to become the best person that I desired to be. Each time we met, she was able to access my progress and reframe the areas I needed more attention. So whether she was teaching me different forms of meditation, hypnosis or stress relieving exercises, she does it with a warmth and caring that makes her someone very special.

I hope you will take the time to reach out to her for guidance for whatever you are struggling with. The investment on becoming a better you will be overshadowed by the results you will enjoy. Lisa is a true blessing and gift to our community."

Richard T
Sarasota, FL
December 2014

"Lisa was really helpful working with me.  Her approach is effective and dynamic.  She listened carefully and was able to address the core issues with me."

a Manufacturing Administrator in Florida

"Psychotropic medications were keeping me medication dependent.  By learning self-hypnosis, I am now able to find my inner resources without pharmaceutical dependence.  Thank you, Lisa."

St. Petersburg, FL

"Coaching has helped me be more in control of my life.  In the past few months, Lisa has helped me clarify and move forward on several things that I was stalled out on.  She has used humor, insightful candor, and expertise to help me come up with simple ways to move forward.  I feel more focused and am moving forward successfully in setting and reaching goals."

Austin, TX

"Dear Lisa,
Many thanks for your wonderful assistance as I worked on a current concern.  I really enjoyed your caring style and effective teaching of a useful technique.  Hypnosis worked for me because of you!!


Jan R. [hypnotherapist] Clearwater, FL