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The #1 Mistake that People Make when Diagnosed with Serious Illness

When a person hears the solemn words from a doctor that will change their life forever, something happens in their brain that initiates the flight, fight or freeze instinct. This is common to all humans as this is nature’s way of protecting the species. Unfortunately, it causes all sorts of problems for people in the modern world who now have to deal with a chronic illness on which decisions need to be made.  So it is not surprising that people make the biggest mistake — they isolate.  I know, it is very difficult to allow this news to wind its way home and to have to contemplate all of the intricate decisions that are needing to be made. It’s natural to keep the news private for a while as you digest this new situation, but its important to be careful not to isolate yourself to everyone who cares about you and anyone who could possibly help you. Consider reaching out.

From Diagnosis to Resilience

IACT and IMDHA are both reputable, international organizations with standards of practice.

It’s been several years since I’ve written a blog to this post and I think that because this is a fresh version of my web page, I should write a fresh update.

First of all, most of you who know me know that I was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2015. I want to say that hearing those words from a doctor is a startling experience to say the least.  So I had to take some time off (like the whole year) and deal with several surgeries and other things to get rid of the tumor that was growing inside of me.

I found that I had to use a lot of processes throughout this situation–processes that I knew from being a hypnotist and personal growth coach. Once I felt enough energy to thrive on my own, I began to see the need for me to use my pain to help others. I mean, that’s what we do- right? So I set out to bring the skill-set that I have from being —now a medical hypnotist, NLP master practitioner, personal growth coach and educator to create a program  for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Creating this program has been a beneficial outlet for my own healing and I know that if you are diagnosed that it will help you too.

Personal Growth Coach -What do I do?

When people ask me what I do, I find it difficult to encapsulate in a short amount of time. So I’ve memorized an elevator speech, but it really doesn’t explain what I do or how I do it. And that’s OK most of the time, because that’s not what defines me anyway, but I feel like I could add value to another person’s understanding of  what personal growth is about if I just had more time to explain.

So one of the things I do best is help people make decisions.  Some people call my office usually because they want to make a decision that they are struggling with, or they want to make a career choice or love choice. Many people that I have worked with lately have been young men and some young women who didn’t “pay attention” to certain social situations in college or are just having trouble with decision making. So what do I do? I use NLP and or hypnosis along with the three core coaching questions to help guide them into finding their way with their own inner wisdom. I offer an MP3 called “The Inner Adviser” that is custom made and incorporates a person’s own “map” to assist in visualization and well-formed outcomes. We determine what vocabulary and device to use based upon our time and discussion together. I believe (and I’ve seen the evidence that  it’s true!) that people have their own answers and all they need is to get in touch with that inner voice to find what those answers are.  Sometimes it can be done in two to four sessions, but sometimes it takes longer, depending on the situation. I always teach my clients one or more meditation strategies that can be learned easily but must be utilized in order to be beneficial.

So my elevator speech? “I help people identify their goals and take steps to reach them by providing them with motivation and accountability. I use hypnosis, self-hypnosis and NLP to get them there. I get results for people as they find their own fabulous-ness.”

Let’s get quiet and go inside…