Lisa Mangoni

Educator, Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner, Author

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In 2007, I became a certified hypnotist and have worked with many people to assist them to quit smoking, lose weight and reduce stress. In 2010, I received my life coach credential from the Goal Imagery Institute in NYC and have been coaching individuals through transitions since then.
Throughout my life, I have been intensely curious about the brain and have studied and earned degrees and many certifications in education, special education, and have earned certifications in hypnosis and NLP. I am also an EFT practitioner and have been tapping happily for many years. Tapping and hypnosis are two major ways that I was able to get through the diagnosis and treatment for cancer in 2015, along with meditation. Meditation is a tremendous passion of mine and my clients always move on from our work having mastered at least 3 ways to calm down and feel better fast. If you’d like to learn how to incorporate the most important element vital for well-being, I am your teacher.
Since my own diagnosis and treatment of cancer in 2015, I have focused on medical hypnosis. From these glasses, I feel as though I am uniquely qualified to offer you support and guidance in the area of navigating the diagnosis of any serious illness. The strategies I use are not just specific to cancer. In any serious diagnosis, several common threads wind throughout, and coaching with or without hypnosis will help. I can relate and I am here for you.

Education & Relevant Experience:

**Committed to continuing education and practice at the Master’s level in education, psychology, coaching and hypnosis.

You Are Not Alone

Whether you are struggling with an issue, or dreaming of making your life more than what it is, if you choose me as your coach, educator, or hypnotist, you will know you are supported. My clients get results. As a coach, I offer you the motivation and the accountability to help you reach the goals you set. You leave with practical action steps and a plan to carry them out. I follow up and stay with you until we see results. I know that every one of us holds the answers that we need. Sometimes we get our answers from our dreams at night and sometimes it is all right in front of us and all we need is to get quiet and go inside in order to touch that place where our core wisdom resides. It may be that a nice, hypnotic trance that takes you to a place of self understanding is what is in order. It is not always necessary to use hypnosis. I teach you how to use self-hypnosis to find your own answers in your own time. Think about other times when you wanted things to change but couldn’t look at the situation in a different way. You can’t really see things until you are ready to receive the messages. I help you get ready!